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Shared Vision is a not-for-profit organization made up of compassionate clinical psychologists and licensed social workers. Our vision is to provide the necessary tools of strength, encouragement, resilience and hope to all who come to us for healing. For more individual information or to contact a specific therapist, please click on their name.

Myra M. Lawrence, Psy.D.
Kristin Condon, Psy.D.
Heather L. McRoberts, Psy.D.
Pamela J McMullin, Psy.D.
Sari H. Rosenberg, Psy.D.
Priscilla C. Butler, Psy.D.
Erin C. Raith Soruco, Psy.D.
Meghan Pasha, Psy.D.
Irma Porcic, Psy.D.
Ryan Holley, Psy.D.
Ashley Houchin, Psy.D.
Natalie Chapman, Psy.D.
Megan Oliverio, Psy.D.
Jared Spencer, MSEd.
Christine Teeling, Psy.D.
Barbara Berent, Administrative Assistant