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assessment clinic

The Shared Vision Assessment Clinic has gained a reputation with local health providers as a reliable source for comprehensive, accurate psychological evaluations and insightful, integrative reports. The clinic offers assessment for a diverse range of presenting concerns, including disorders of development, attention, mood, anxiety, learning, and brain function.

Clinicians with specialized training work with children, adolescents and adults to assess Neuropsychological, Cognitive, Social-Emotional, and Developmental functioning. We use a variety of standard measures to improve our understanding of the questions and concerns that prompt you to seek our services. Through detailed, relevant recommendations, we strive to help family members, schools, and treatment teams implement interventions that best promote each client's optimal functioning and wellbeing.

While many people self-refer, our clients also come to us from local pediatricians, psychiatrists, teachers, school administrators, occupational therapists, physical therapists, counselors and psychotherapists.

For more information about the Shared Vision Assessment Clinic or to initiate an intake for testing, please contact the Intake Department 630.571.5750, ext. 224. Alternatively, you can fill out a New Client Inquiry Form and mention your interest in assessment.

You can download the following forms for our assessment clinic: